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  • Hey there,

    Since I will not be around the next couple of days, I figured I would provide you with simple instructions that will ensure that you get the maximum amount of marks on your final portfolios.

    Let's start with online portfolios... depending on which one you have chosen, follow the instructions below:

    For these online portfolios all you need to do is copy the URL of your portfolio page from the browser and into a Word File.
    You must then hand in the Word file containing the URL so that I can check out your site.
    Please make sure that you fill all of the profile information, including the section of your profile that has a description about yourself.
    This is where you will want to write a short couple of paragraphs about yourself as a photographer.

    Wix is a little bit more trickier. You will first need to save your website after working on it. The "Save" button is found in the top right of the editor window.
    After you are happy with the final result, you will click the "Publish" button in the top right corner. A new window will appear and your website URL will appear near the top of that window.
    Copy the website URL and paste into a Word file. Hand in the Word file so that I can check out your portfolio.

    Once your book has been created in iPhoto, you must export a PDF.
    To do this, you must change your view so that you can see all the pages of your book. This is accomplished by clicking the button in the top left corner of the iPhoto window.
    Once you ar ein the view that allows you to see all of the pages, press and hold the "Control" key and click the first page of the book.
    An dropdown should appear with the option "Export to PDF". Save the PDF to your desktop and hand in with your name on it.
    Be sure to include a bio, 30 photos and a description (with camera settings) for each photo in your printed portfolio.
    Additionally, please indicate whether you want me to print your portfolio or not by naming your file "PLEASE PRINT" in the filename.
    Printed portfolios can be picked up during exam week.

    How to access your EXIF (Camera Settings) data in iPhoto
    To see the camera setting for any of your photographs you simply click the photo to select it and press the "Info" button on the right hand side of the window.
    Once the info palette opens, you will see all of the settings (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed) listed at the top of the palette.

    Hope this helps guys, I really wish I could be around for the last couple of days but this takes priority.
    If you have any questions or concerns with handing in your work, please do not hesitate to post it on the site.
    I will be checking it quite often. One last thing, for those of you who haven't yet returned your cameras, please see Mrs. Place when bringing them back.

    Hope you all have a great second semester... keep taking great photos!
    Mr. R.
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